Wonder Woman Versus Wolverine Movie

Above: Wonder Woman Versus Wolverine Movie.

About Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character is a founding member of the Justice League, demigoddess, and warrior princess of the Amazons, which are based on the Amazons of Greek mythology. In her homeland, she is Princess Diana of Themyscira, and outside of her homeland, she is known by her secret identity Diana Prince.

Wonder Woman was created by the American psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston with his wife and co-creator Elizabeth Holloway Marston, and first drawn by H. G. Peter. Wonder Woman first appeared in All Star Comics #8 in December 1941 and first appeared on a comic book cover on Sensation Comics #1 in January 1942.

The Amazonian training that Wonder Woman received helped her to develop a wide range of extraordinary skills in strategy, hunting, and fighting. Wonder Woman possesses an arsenal of advanced technology, including the Lasso of Truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets, a tiara which serves as a projectile, and in older stories, a range of devices based on Amazon technology. Although Diana is 5,000 years old, her first exposure to non-Amazon society as Wonder Woman only happened within the last 100 years. While the Amazons were originally created to protect “man’s world,” they ultimately abandoned it for different reasons.

Above: Wonder Woman Versus Wolverine Movie Alternate Ending.

Wonder Woman Versus Wolverine | Which Superhero Would Win In Battle?

Wolverine (born James Howlett and commonly known as Logan and sometimes as Weapon X) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, mostly associated with the X-Men. Wolverine is a mutant who possesses animal senses, enhanced physical capabilities, a powerful regenerative ability known as a healing factor, and six retractable bone claws in his hands. He has been depicted as a member of the X-Men, Alpha Flight, and the Avengers.

Wolverine is a mutant with a number of both natural and artificial improvements to his physiology. Wolverine’s primary mutant power is an accelerated healing process (typically referred to as his mutant healing factor) that regenerates damaged or destroyed tissues of his body far beyond the capabilities of an ordinary human. This is why most people can not agree on which superhero would win in battle: Wonder Woman or Wolverine. Although Wolverine’s body heals, the healing factor does not suppress the pain he endures while injured. Wolverine, on occasion, has also deliberately injured himself or allowed himself to be injured for various reasons, including to free himself from capture, intimidation, or for strategic purposes during battle.

Star Wars: Why Yoda Chose Dagobah For Exile

Above: Star Wars | Why Yoda Chose Dagobah For Exile.

The Non-Canon Expert is back to explain why Yoda chose Dagobah as the planet in which to reside during his exile after the rise of the Empire and how this decision was heavily influenced by events that took place prior to Order 66.

About Yoda

Yoda or Master Yoda is a fictional character in the Star Wars space opera franchise created by George Lucas, first appearing in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back. In the original films, Yoda trains Luke Skywalker to fight against the Galactic Empire. In the prequel films, Yoda serves as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order and as a high-ranking general of Clone Troopers in the Clone Wars. Following his death in Return of the Jedi at an unknown age that surpassed 900 years, Yoda was the oldest living character in the Star Wars franchise until the introduction of Maz Kanata in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

About Dagobah

Dagobah is a solar system in the Star Wars films The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi created by George Lucas. Dagobah also appears in a deleted scene from the Star Wars movie Revenge of the Sith. Yoda went into exile on Dagobah after a lightsaber battle with Darth Sidious, later known as the Emperor.

Smallville Returns | Superman Mini-Series

Above: Smallville Returns | Superman Mini-Series.

About Superman

Superman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, high school students living in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1933. They sold Superman to Detective Comics, the future DC Comics, in 1938. Superman debuted in Action Comics #1 (cover dated June 1938) and subsequently appeared in various radio serials, newspaper strips, television programs, films, and video games. With this success, Superman helped to create the superhero archetype and establish its primacy within the American comic book. Superman is also referred to by such epithets as the Man of Steel, the Man of Tomorrow, and The Last Son of Krypton.

Supergirl Actress Melissa Benoist

Above: Supergirl | The Adventures Of Supergirl Featuring American Actress Melissa Benoist.

Melissa Marie Benoist (born on October 4, 1988) is an American actress and singer. Melissa Benoist is best known for her portrayal of the title character, Kara Zor-El, in the CBS and CW superhero drama series Supergirl.

Melissa Benoist rose to prominence for her portrayal of Marley Rose on the fourth and fifth seasons of the Fox musical comedy-drama television series Glee, and has appeared in a number of television series including Homeland, The Good Wife, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Melissa Benoist has also appeared in films such as Danny Collins, The Longest Ride, and the Oscar winning 2014 film Whiplash.

Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne | Worldwide Ticket Sales: $110,100,000

Domestic Total as of Jul. 31, 2016: $60,000,000 (Estimate)
Foreign: $50,100,000
Distributor: Universal
Release Date: July 29, 2016
Genre: Action
Runtime: 2 hrs. 3 min.
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Production Budget: $120 million

Jason Bourne

With the second largest opening for a film in the Bourne franchise, Jason Bourne topped the weekend box office as audiences came out in support of Matt Damon’s return to the title role nine years after The Bourne Ultimatum. The decision by actor Matt Damon to return to the big screen as a mysterious CIA agent trying to regain his memory has paid off big time with global sales in excess of $100 million United States Dollars. Universal’s Jason Bourne topped the North American box office with a strong $60 million from 4,026 theaters, one of the best showings of summer to date and one of the few franchise titles to come in ahead of its predecessor. In 2012, The Bourne Legacy, starring Jeremy Renner, debuted to a soft $38.1 million. However, Jason Bourne didn’t match the $69 million launch of Damon’s The Bourne Ultimatum in 2007, but still ranks as the actor’s second best opening weekend.

With an estimated $60 million, Jason Bourne delivered the second largest domestic opening in the Bourne franchise behind only The Bourne Ultimatum, which opened with $69.2 million back in 2007. Additionally, this debut is almost $22 million more than what The Bourne Legacy brought in back in 2012 when Universal attempted to keep the franchise alive with Jeremy Renner stepping in as the lead character.

The action film is also impressing overseas, where it topped the foreign chart with $50 million from 56 markets, the best opening of any Bourne title and putting the movie’s global total at $110.1 million. South Korea led with a stellar $11.2 million, followed by $10.2 million in the United Kingdom.

Jason Bourne, costing $120 million to produce, reunites Matt Damon with director Paul Greengrass, who helmed The Bourne Supremacy (2004) and Ultimatum. Males made up 55 percent of ticket buyers in North America, while 60 percent of the audience was over the age of 35. The latest installment, earning an A- CinemaScore, sees Damon’s former CIA operative come out of hiding just as a new government program has been created to hunt him down while he tries to recover all of his memories. Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones, Vincent Cassel, Julia Stiles and Riz Ahmed also star.

Internationally, Jason Bourne brought in additional $50.1 million from 46 overseas markets giving the film a $110.1 million worldwide debut. The film opened #1 in 27 of those territories including a $5.7 million opening in Australia as well as Taiwan ($2.1m), Spain ($1.8m), Indonesia ($1.6m), Philippines ($1.5m) and Netherlands ($1.4m), Next weekend, the film begins playing in Argentina, Egypt, India and Slovenia with an opening in China set for August 23 followed by Mexico on Aug. 26 and Russia on Sept. 1. While the film’s performance is being touted as the largest international opening in the Bourne series, as noted on Thursday, previous Bourne films didn’t open nearly as wide overseas, taking as many as six weeks to reach 45+ territories, which makes for a hazy comparison to previous installments.

Sophie Turner And Evan Peters Exclusive Interview | X-Men Apocalypse

Above: Sophie Turner And Evan Peters Exclusive Interview | X-Men Apocalypse.

Cassam Looch from HeyUGuys interviews Sophie Turner and Evan Peters for Marvel and Bryan Singer’s latest big comic book movie blockbuster X-Men Apocalypse.

Singer’s latest go-around with the X’s has the team feeling the perm as we pick up the First Class/Days of Future Past timeline in the 1980s. James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence all return to be joined by newcomers Tye Sheridan, Olivia Munn, Kodi Smitt-McPhee and Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner. The titular villain is played by Oscar Isaac, so recently impressing himself upon the Star Wars universe in The Force Awakens.

Also starring Rose Byrne, Alexandra Shipp, Evan Peters, Lana Condor, Lucas Till, Nicholas Hoult and Josh Helman. This film continues the timeline set down by X-Men First Class and X-Men Days of Future Past.

10 Must Know Iron Man Marvel Superhero Facts

Above: 10 Must Know Iron Man Facts That Everyone Should Know Before The Next Iron Man Marvel Superhero Movie.

Tony Stark is the genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist man that you either love or hate, but how much do you really know about Iron Man? An American billionaire playboy, business magnate, and ingenious engineer, Tony Stark suffers a severe chest injury during a kidnapping in which his captors attempt to force him to build a weapon of mass destruction. He instead creates a powered suit of armor to save his life and escape captivity. Later, Tony Stark augments his Iron Man suit with weapons and other technological devices he designed through his company, Stark Industries. He uses the suit and successive versions to protect the world as Iron Man, while at first concealing his true identity.